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Ten Week Challenge - Week 7

Twist and Shout!
Five Yoga for Golfers poses that will increase your range of motion.

As a golf fitness expert, I always observe golfers warming up on the driving range. I notice that the common denominator is a series of stretches to increase a range of motion in the torso and low back.
This week we will focus on poses that directly affect your ROM, primarily in the low back. These poses enhance greater distance off the tee and reduce your risk of injury. From a health perspective, these poses promote detoxification of the organs.
Here are some guidelines for effective twisting poses:
  • Inhale, drawing the navel inward, exhale and begin to lengthen in the spine.

  • Maintain a moderate intensity in the pose. You should be able to breathe with ease in the pose.

  • There are two ways you can move into twisting poses:

    One: Keep the muscles engaged and maintain a physically active pose which will be held for seven breaths.

    Two: Once in the pose use gravity to move deeper into the pose. You can close the eyes, allowing the body to sink into the floor with each exhalation. If you are comfortable stay in the pose for three to five minutes. Note: Be gentle when coming out of the pose.

Now it's time to begin this week's poses....
Modified Eagle pose
(supported by towels)
PAR Level

Yoga for Golfers - Modified Eagle pose with towels

On your back, bend the knees and place the arms perpendicular to the body, shoulders remain on the ground. Twist the body to the right, placing towels under the knees, supporting the back. Switch sides. Optional: Hold for five minutes and then switch sides.


Yoga for Golfers - Eagle Twist pose

Practice this pose without the towels for support, allowing the knees to fall towards the floor.
Alligator Twist pose

Yoga for Golfers - Alligator Twist pose

On your back, arms perpendicular to the body, shoulders remain on the floor. Bring the left foot to the right knee and twist to the right. Relax your neck and hold for ten breaths. Switch sides.
Seated Rotation pose

Yoga for Golfers - Seated Rotation pose

Sitting up as tall as possible (use the right arm for support). Bring the left foot over the right knee, foot flat on the floor. Inhale and lengthen the spine, exhale and twist. Hold for ten deep breaths. Switch sides.
Twisting Supine pose
(hand to foot with strap)

Yoga for Golfers - Twisting Supine pose with strap

Place a strap, towel or belt around your right foot, keeping both legs straight.
Place the strap in the left hand, right shoulder remains on the floor. Twist to the left and hold for ten breaths. Switch sides.
Next Week: We will practice some Yoga for Golfers poses that offset the physical effects of a round of golf.

Be sure to watch Your Game Night every Monday night on The Golf Channel (starting at 7:30 PM ET) to see more of my fitness tips.
And one more thing...remember to breathe!
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