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Two for the Price of One

Targeting the hamstrings and low back in one pose
Most golfers prepare for disaster. A good golfer prepares for success.
- - Bob Toski

We know that preparation for a round of golf is essential. I love the saying fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Most of us, especially those who are concerned with playing the best golf possible, for as long as possible and injury free are preparing with a sound yoga based fitness conditioning program, lessons, the best equipment, etc
Unfortunately, we cannot always prepare for is what will happen when we get on the course. Often we find ourselves stiffening up half way through the round. Knowledge of a few on course stretches will keep you flexible and in the game.
This weeks yoga pose focuses on the hamstrings, core and low back. These three components are interrelated. Having a strong core and flexible hamstrings will assist the lumbar spine with increased flexibility and strength. This pose should be done throughout the round, not just when you feel your muscles beginning to tighten.
Standing Forward Fold pose with clubs:

Yoga for Golfers - Standing Forward Fold w/clubs

Place right foot approximately three to four feet in front of the left. Turn the left foot to a 45 degree angle facing inward. Note: Imagine there is a line down the center of your body. The right foot should be placed to the right of the line, the left to the left of the line.
Move your right hip back so the hips are facing directly forward.
Engage the quadriceps, inner thighs and outer thighs as if your muscles are gripping the mid-line of your body. This will intensify the hamstring stretch.
Draw the navel inward towards the spine, activating the core and hinge at the hips. Hold for ten breaths and switch sides. Note: You may want to add a twist to this pose by releasing the right hand and twisting the torso to the right.
This pose will increase blood flow to the lower body, keeping you loose and swinging freely.
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