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Welcome to the 8 week challenge week five - a balanced swing

This week we move from our fourth week of core stability to our focus on balance. We have all experienced that great feeling...a fluid, balanced golf swing. That Ernie Els or Fred Couples fluidity (okay perhaps that is a stretch) but you know what I mean.

If you experience swing flaws such as sway, slide, reverse pivot or coming over the top, the chances that your swing is balance are slim.  Additionally as we age balance becomes an issue we need to work on daily. 

When I train my golfers I always place them in a position that challenges their balance.  For example, bicep curls are performed standing on one foot, cable rows include compound balance movement with an explosive lower body lunge from a single leg position and single leg dead lifts just to name a few.  (You can find many more of my balancing series in my book, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes)

Here is the synopsis of the topics we have covered to date and topics we address as this series continues:

1. Mobility:
We focus on increasing flexibility in the body, specifically the hips, hamstrings, torso and shoulders.

2. Stability:
Works areas of the body requiring stability, such as the core (abdominals and back muscles).

3. Balance:
Exercises designed to enhance balance and a greater sense of body awareness or feel.

4. Power:
Now that we are establishing more flexibility, stability and balance we implement “power” building exercises for more speed and strength in your swing.

 If you missed the previous weels, check out the exercises we implemented by clicking here.

Let’s get started with a simple assessment -

The single leg balance test

Simply lift your right leg off the floor and hold for as long as possible. Record your time, switch legs and re-test in four weeks.

Toe Raises

Remove your shoes and lift as high heels as high as possible. Hold for fifteen seconds, repeat three times and then try to hold your heels up as long as possible while maintaining your balance.

Toe Raises

Torso Rotation with Club

Torso Rotation with Club

Bring your right knee to a ninety degree angle and slide your left knee back so you are not directly on the knee. (Note: if you feel discomfort places a towel under your left knee).

Extend the club at shoulder height and rotate your torso to the right and left. Repeat ten times and switch sides.

Single Leg “Dead Lift” with Club

Bring the club over your head and pull your navel towards your spine. Step your left leg forward and begin to bring your body towards the floor.  Imagine the letter “T”. That is your ultimate goal.

Hole for five to ten breaths and switch sides.

Single Leg Dead Lift with Club

Please e-mail me and let me know how you are progressing.

Editor's Note: Katherine Roberts, founder of and has over 20 years of experience in golf specific fitness training, yoga studies, professional coaching and motivation. Katherine welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at