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Welcome to the 8 week challenge week four more core stability

Core strength is a commonly used term and equally misunderstood. Core strength is not achieved by the typical “crunches” we know from the gym. Core strengthening includes all the muscles of the trunk including the abdominals, back and glutes.

Sound core strength also includes a balance of muscular strength and mobility. If you want more turn, efficient use of the spine, reduced swing flaws and reduced pain you need to focus on a balanced core.

Golf is a rotational sport.

If you are looking for more power and a more consistent swing plane you must work the core. Harnessing your power requires a coiling and uncoiling of the spine around the lower body and shoulder rotation around the spine. This action is more easily accomplished with a flexible, stable and strong core.

This week we “graduate” from flexibility to creating more stability, specifically in your core. The intention of the Roberts Flex Fit Method training is to establish synergy and balance in the body.

Here is the synopsis of the topics we will cover:

1. Mobility:
We focus on increasing flexibility in the body, specifically the hips, hamstrings, torso and shoulders.

2. Stability:
Works areas of the body requiring stability, such as the core (abdominals and back muscles).

3. Balance:
Exercises designed to enhance balance and a greater sense of body awareness or feel.

4. Power:
Now that we are establishing more flexibility, stability and balance we implement “power” building exercises for more speed and strength in your swing.

 If you missed the previous weels, check out the exercises we implemented by clicking here.

Let’s add to last week’s core exercises and include the following:

Spinal Rotation/Oblique Strengthener

This exercise requires focus on the oblique abdominals and keen attention to your breathing.

Note: If you have back issues perform this exercise with your feel on the floor, knees bent.

Begin with the legs at a ninety degree angle. Press your navel towards your spine removing any arch in the lumbar spine.

Inhale as you bring your legs to the left (shoulders remain on the floor). On your exhale use your obliques to bring your spine back to the starting position. Repeat five to ten times in each direction.

Spinal Rotation/Oblique Strengthener

TVA Activation Exercise with Breathing

TVA Activation Exercise with Breathing

This breathing exercise is very powerful! Be sure you do not hold your breath too long. You should feel comfortable in this exercise, not strained.

Begin with your feet hip width apart, knees bent. Inhale deeply and exhale all the air out. Hold the air out and suck your navel towards your spine. (Envision your navel touching your spine). Hold for a count of three, inhale deeply and gently exhale.

Take one slower, deep breath and repeat three to five times.

Oblique Strengthener on the Ball

Begin with the ball placed under your right hip, with your feet firmly supported. (it helps if you have a friend that is willing to stabilize your feet).

Bring the hands behind your head and feel a deep stretch in the left side body. On your exhale crunch the left shoulder toward your left hip. Repeat ten to twenty times and switch sides.

Oblique Strengthener on the Ball

Please e-mail me and let me know how you are progressing.

Editor's Note: Katherine Roberts, founder of and has over 20 years of experience in golf specific fitness training, yoga studies, professional coaching and motivation. Katherine welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at