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Yoga for Golfers Ten Week Challenge - Week 2

Over the next ten weeks I will be sharing a golf specific yoga program that will motivate you to get into great golf shape this winter and stay that way for the spring season. Each week the series of yoga poses focuses on the following:
  • Two weeks of standing poses increasing strength, balance and endurance in the lower body.

  • Two weeks of standing poses that utilize the wall and or props which will increase intensity of the pose.

  • Core conditioning poses supporting posture and endurance.

  • Seated poses increasing rotation, shoulder turn and strength in the upper body.

  • Seated poses using props and the wall that will enable you to work into the connective tissue.

  • Mental focus ' applicable visualization techniques to increase your capacity to stay focused.

Each weeks yoga sequence should be added to the previous one so you will build an effective, flexibility and strengthening yoga based program.
Week 2 - Starting with the Foundation
This weeks standing poses may look familiar to you as traditional exercises for the lower body. Incorporate deep yoga breathing, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Move slowly, with attention. Each pose requires that you draw the navel inwards, lift the ribcage to lengthen the torso by working the core. You will need to focus and balance while engaging or flexing the muscles. Doesnt that sound like the golf swing?
Standing Wall Squat:
(Par Level)

Yoga for Golfers - Standing Wall Squat

With the back against the wall lower the body and bring the feet forward, knees at a ninety degree angle. Be sure the knees are not over the feet. Press the navel towards the spine and pin the low back against the wall. Hold for ten breaths.
Repeat three to five sets. (Birdie Level ' hold for fifteen breaths and bring the arms over the head touching the wall).
Abductor / Adductor poses:
(Par Level)

Yoga for Golfers - Abductor pose

This standing pose works the adductor, abductor and gluts which are important for stability in the take-away and top of the golf swing as well as impact. Standing tall, using the wall for support, inhale and extend your leg away from the body. Hold for three breaths while engaging the gluts. As you inhale again, bring the leg across the body. Hold for three more breaths feeling the adductor (inner thigh muscle) engaging. Repeat five times in each direction and switch sides.
Standing Pigeon poses with a chair:
(Par / Birdie Level)

Yoga for Golfers - Standing Pigeon prepYoga for Golfers - Standing Pigeon pose

Facing a chair lift the leg and place it at an angle to your body that you feel the stretch in your gluts and NOT your knee. Square the hips directly facing the chair. Hold for ten breaths. (Birdie Level) As you exhale, hinge at the hips, folding over the leg with the spine as straight as possible. Hold for five more breaths. Switch sides. Remember that you should not experience and pain.
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    Editor's Note: Katherine Roberts, founder of Yoga for Golfers, has 20 years of experience in fitness training, yoga studies, professional coaching and motivation. Katherine welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at