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12 Weeks to Better Golf - Week 8

Many of you have shared your success stories and to help motivate others Ive shared just a few prior to starting week 8! For those of you who are just joining us please take the Golf Fitness Analyzer. Once you have determined your results from the analyzer, print the fitness chart so that you can note your progress. You can view weeks 1-7 at the end of this article for a variety of exercises.
You will need a pair of dumbbells, a stretch trainer, a weighted ball and weighted club to continue these in-home routines. Go to the golf fitness pro shop to order any of these you may need!
Keep in mind that your goal is to complete the workout 2-3 times this week. Ive had requests for examples of designing routines to prevent boredom, so as we move forward with the next few weeks, Ill design workouts using weeks 1-8 to show you how you can have a different training regimen for your game!
If you would like to share your results with other viewers, email me at
Kelly, I started the 12 week workout with great skepticism because of my lack of stick-to-itness, but Im proud to share with you that I have lost 10 pounds and have added 12 yards to me driving distance. You have made a believer out of me Kelly! .... Joe F., Miami, Florida
Now let's get to this week's exercises....


Stand with your legs more than shoulder width apart and the toes pointed slightly out at an angle. Hold the head of the weight equally with both hands and place the weight in front of your body. Bending the knees, slowly drop downward to a squat position. Press upward towards the start position pressing through the heels to work the inner thigh and hamstring muscles. Repeat.


Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor or on an elevated platform for support. Hold a weight in each hand and extend the arms upward. Rotate the weight to where your palms are facing one another. Bend the elbows slightly and slowly drop the weight outward to the side of the torso. Slowly return to the start position flexing the chest muscles and repeat.


Sit in a chair or on a bench. Hold a weight in each hand and place the weight at shoulder height with your palms facing away from you. Flex your abdomen and slowly press the weight upward. Slowly lower the weight to the start position and repeat.


Lie on your back on the floor or on a bench. Place a single weight in each palm holding the head of the weight. Extend the arms upward and angle slightly back over the head. Bending at the elbow, slowly lower the weight to the top of the head. Flexing the tricep region, slowly press the weight upward to the start position. Concentrate on moving from the elbow to wrist only leaving the triceps stationary.

Rotation Drill

Take your weighted swing trainer and hold it at the grip and clubhead. Raise the club to should height and place your feet at your normal address position.
Rotation DrillRotation Drill

Slowly rotate to one side keeping the feet planted until you feel a comfortable stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and slowly return to the start position. Repeat to the opposite side.
January 31st will be the release of the first DVD in my new golf fitness series Building the Golfer in You at the PGA Merchandise Show! As a subscriber and loyal viewer of fitness section you will receive FREE shipping and handling of the first release of STRENGTH for Your Game!
More Testimonials:
Kelly, Thank you for helping me with my eating habits. I emailed you back in November and you advised to cut my portions in half without altering the foods I ate for the first 60 days and do the workouts 2 days a week. January 1st I weighed in 8 pounds lighter and was elated that I had made it through the holidays having lost weight. Im now doing your routines 3 days a week and watching my fatty food intake. My goal is to lose another 12 pounds by March 31st and I know I can accomplish this with your motivation every week on the Golf Channel. Thank you for making me see that this process does not have to be painful! ....Lisa S., Phoenix, AZ
Kelly, I started the 12 week program and I wanted to let you know that I have been practicing at my indoor golf facility and logging my results to keep myself motivated as you suggested. I have increased both my strength and flexibility and the best news is I have increased my clubhead speed! ....Jim V., Toronto, Canada
Kelly, Please share my story with others on the Golf Channel. I started reading and implementing your golf fitness program January 1st 2003 with the only goal of improving my golf game. 52 weeks later I have lost considerable weight, inches and 3 pant sizes. I have lowered my handicap 4 strokes and have a new attitude towards fitness. I feel confident that I will keep your program as part of my everyday life. Your statement to me of If you put inadequate fuel in your vehicle, over time its performance will decline and eventually give out is framed on my desk and keeps me motivated to fuel my body! ....Ron T., Seattle, WA
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