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12 Weeks to Better Golf Workout Series

As we prepare for the upcoming Golf Fitness in the Gym series, many of you have asked me to create an organized list of all the exercises in this 12-week series. As a result of your feedback, I have grouped the exercises into eight exercise categories for easy reference:

12-Week Exercise Categories


Each week you can choose two exercise options from each category and log them onto your fitness chart. By choosing two exercises from each category, you will have a total of 16 exercises to perform three days each week.
If you have questions as to how many reps you should do or how much weight to use, simply take the Golf Fitness Analyzer to determine both. You will need a Stretch Trainer, weighted Swing Trainer, weighted Power Ball and a pair of dumbbells to do these workouts. You can find all of these items in the golf fitness pro shop.
If your new to this 12-week series, here's a quick review of the goals followed by the week by week series of exercises:
12-Week Workout Goals

  • Improve Flexibility: Injuries to the key muscle groups used in the golf swing are significantly lowered. Proper stretching prepares the body for the stress of the game and improves range of motion.

  • Strengthen Rotator Cuff: Strengthening the shoulder girdle increases stability at the top of the backswing position.

  • Strengthen Upper Legs: Strengthening the quadriceps and hamstrings provides improved balance during the swing.

  • Strengthen Hips: Strengthening the hip girdle adds power and clubhead speed.

  • Strengthen Lower Legs: Strengthening the calf muscle adds push-off power in the downswing.

  • Strengthen Trunk: Strengthening the low back is critical to making an effective turning motion.

  • Strengthen Forearms & Wrists: Strengthening the forearms and wrists add to better club control.

  • Strengthen Upper Arms: Strong bicep and tricep muscles are vital for golf performance.

  • Increase Endurance: Increased cardiovascular capacity enhances endurance to maintain consistency through 18 holes.

12-Week Exercise Series

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Click here for training aids needed to start your 12-week program!