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Fit For 18 Holes - Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of our new series Fit for 18 Holes! With my golf fitness classes you can improve your golf game and increase your fitness level! For this series we are using a weighted club for the dynamic warm up, a regular iron, driver or golf cart for the on course exercises. When you incorporate these exercises while playing, you improve flexibility and decrease the risk of injury associated with your golf swing. The weighted club can be purchased in the Pro Shop. If you are just joining us, see week 1-5 to catch up!
Take these simple steps before the first tee:
Step 1: Do a dynamic warm up with the weighted club before the practice range. (See the Dynamic series in Kellys archive on The Golf Channel)
Step 2: Continue the flexibility exercises starting at the tee box of the 2nd hole while you await your turn to tee off. You will have 2 exercises for every other tee box or you can choose to do one exercise for every tee box.
Step 3: Each week you will have a new exercise. This is a progressive workout which means that every week you will have a new exercise to perform along with the exercise from weeks prior. Execute each stretch to a comfortable position and hold for 20-30 seconds.
Step 4: Perform the exercise upon approaching the next tee box to stay flexible and injury free for maximum results!
Lets get started!
Tee #12
Cross Hip Stretch

Place the feet shoulder width apart and place your 5 iron in front of you with the clubhead facing you for balance. Bending both knees slightly, cross one ankle over the opposite leg just above the knee and slowly descent sitting slightly back to create the stretch. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Remember to keep the abdomen tight for support. Repeat to the opposite side.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Place one foot atop the wheel base holding onto your bag for balance. Slowly lean forward creating the stretch in the front hip of the leg remaining on the ground. Do not lock the knee of the grounded leg, keep the knee slightly bent. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat to the opposite side.

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