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The Pro of Pronation and Supination

Because the repetitive pronation (rotation of the arm to a palms down position) and supination (rotation of the arm to a palms up position) of the arms during the golf swing can inflame the tendons in the elbows and wrists, a simple exercise to strengthen those flexor muscles and prepare them for the swing is in order.
Health & Fitness:  Pronation & Supination

This exercise requires only a club and a willingness on your part to set aside two minutes of your day.
Hold the club straight up in the air and slowly rotate your hand to a palm up position until the club is parallel to the ground. Slowly return to the start position and then rotate to the opposite side with the hand in a palm down position. Repeat the exercise for one minute and then switch to the other hand.


Health & Fitness:  Pronation & Supination


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