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QA HOF Sergios Happy Place

Editor's Note: Each month, GOLF CHANNEL's Kelly Tilghman will be answering reader and viewer questions. Kelly is the first female in golf television history to be a lead play-by-play commentator. Email Kelly with your questions for next month's Q&A
Do you think that golfers should be voted into the Hall of Fame after they retire like in other U.S. sports? ' Kris
Hi, Kris.
I guess theres a small part of me that wishes golfers would be voted in at the end of their careers but I dont have a problem with the way we do it now. Once youve earned your right, why wait? The PGA TOUR does have a minimum age requirement of 40 so, essentially at that point, a player is beginning to wind down his career (unless hes named Vijay or Jack Nicklaus). As a member of the media, I find it compelling that a player like Se Ri Pak can qualify for it in her 20s. That speaks volumes to the level of accomplishment at such a young age. I think it helps to put todays talent into perspective.
Dear Kelly, do you get to play golf with your dad? I play golf with my daughter who just entered college and as the say, Its Priceless. Thanks. ' Ronald from Texas
I wish I could say that my dad and I play a lot of golf together but we dont. He was quite the golfer before he got me involved in the game but a nagging shoulder injury kept him from teeing it up in his later years. It was frustrating for me to see his beautiful swing and know that he couldnt put it to use. I am proud to say that he accompanied me on the golf course throughout the majority of my junior and amateur career so he was there for me in a different way. Hes always been very supportive of me and golf provided a bond for us. I am happy that you get to share so many great experiences with your little girl and its obvious to me that you appreciate it. No one can take that away!
Do you think that outsiders (as in people watching on TV or a reporter) should be allowed to phone in a rules violation on a player or a caddie, or should it be up to the people involved in the tournament? ' Colin from Victoria, Canada
Hi Colin.
I dont like the fact that viewers can affect the outcome of a professional event. In my opinion they are spectators, not participants, but I do understand why they allow it in golf. Its a unique sport in that anyone can police the game. The entire concept is designed to protect the field and the Rules of Golf and I respect that. The downside is that not all players are treated to the same amount of camera time so some are more prone to be policed than others. This is a great debate. We have it around our newsroom every time an incident surfaces. Thanks for the question.
I live about 10 minutes from Firestone CC outside of Akron and I know one of the favorite places to eat on tour is the Diamond Grill. What are the five best places on tour to eat? ' Rich
Rich, I cant wait to go to the Diamond Grill now that youve mentioned it. Ill be in Akron for the Bridgestone Invitational this week. Some of the best places for fine dining on TOUR are New Orleans (Commanders Palace), Chicago (Mortons Steak House) and Memphis (Rendezvous- awesome dry ribs). Maui also has a great Sushi place called Sansei right next to the Village Course at Kapalua. There are a lot of others but if you want the real dish then you should ask Lance Barrow of CBS Sports. Hes been producing their telecasts for years and he is the aficionado of fine dining on TOUR. He always tells me where to go.
Kelly, what was your take on Sergios British Open press conference? Im sure youve talked to him before, is he really that immature? ' Katherine from California
Hi Katherine.
I wasnt surprised at some of the things Sergio said in his press conference at the British but I was surprised that he was still saying them at this point in his career. It must be hard, though, when you just saw a major slip through your fingers and within seconds you have a microphone shoved in front of your face with edgy reporters asking you to explain yourself. Sergio has grown up before our very eyes since slamming onto the scene in 1999 but he proved at Carnoustie that theres still more growth to be achieved as far as the emotional aspect is concerned. He will win a major. In fact, hell win a few, but I dont believe theyll come until he achieves peace on the inside. Sergio can be so charming and he is so good for the game. When he does find his happy place, hell take his game to new heights.
Email Kelly with your questions for next month's Q&A