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QA Pulling for Faldo or for USA

Editor's Note: Each month, GOLF CHANNEL's Kelly Tilghman will be answering reader and viewer questions. Kelly is the first female in golf television history to be a lead play-by-play commentator. Email Kelly with your questions for next month's Q&A
Its obvious, even to a casual golf fan, that much of the reigning talent in womens golf resides in the international non-European golfers. Are you hearing any rumblings or inside news about the LPGA establishing an event to rival the Presidents Cup? ' Blair, Milford, Ohio
Nick Faldo and Kelly Tilghman
Will Kelly choose partner over country next year at the Ryder Cup? (Wire Image)
Dear Blair,
I haven't heard of any rumblings but one never knows. What would be a good name for it? The First Lady Cup? I think the Solheim Cup is such a great success for the LPGA Tour that it would be hard to create anything to try to parallel it. The World Cup has come on strong for the ladies in recent years but I would still like to see the higher-ranked players in the world compete in it. Just like the men's side, it doesn't always draw out the biggest names. I'm not saying a 'First Lady Cup' won't ever happen, but if it does, can we call it that?
When you played professionally, who was the best player you ever competed against? ' Stephen, Virginia
Well Stephen, you asked an easy one. When I was a senior in college, my team qualified for the NCAA championship and I was paired with a freshman from Arizona. She was quiet and small in stature with blonde hair held back in a pony tail by a little blue ribbon. Even though I was several inches taller than she was, she hit it about a club and a half longer than me and she was extremely accurate. I didn't even know she was Swedish until she spoke at the end of the round. Her name? Annika Sorenstam. She won the tournament as a freshman and she never looked back. When I played in my first big pro event at the 1994 Australian Open, Annika entered the same event and collected her first pro victory. Karrie Webb also made her professional debut. So you get the picture. That kind of talent will run you off of the golf course and into the studio! I competed against them for several years before swapping the clubs for a microphone. But it's safe to say, we all found our calling.
Thanks for the question.
Any chance you might be pulling for Europe next year in the Ryder Cup with your boy Faldo being the captain? ' Laurence, Calgary, Alberta
Dear Laurence,
Is that what we call in the business a 'sucker question'? Hmmm, how do I answer that one? I could take the easy way out and say that, as a broadcaster, I just want to see a healthy and hearty competition. But as a fan of the game and an American golfer, I'm not going to lie. I want to see the good old US of A stomp them! It's time, don't you think? It's time for many reasons. We need a U.S. victory to keep it interesting. The Europeans are becoming too dominant. I will say it's going to be fun watching Nick and Paul Azinger go back and forth. They will provide some of the best captain's jabs this competition has ever seen. It's probably the most intriguing and entertaining captain combination in the history of the event. Bring it on!
What are your favorite sports to watch on TV ' other than golf of course? Favorite teams? ' Brian, Florida
Hi Brian,
I am a big sports fan. My favorite time of year is March Madness. Considering the fact that I'm a Duke alum, you can see why. It was the only thing that mattered in our school. We actually won a national championship while I was there and the entire campus went nuts! I also love going to Major League Baseball games when I'm on the road. Growing up, the Atlanta Braves were my guys because they were the closest team to my hometown. I went crazy for them in the '90s when they were winning everything in sight, including the World Series. What is life without sports, right?
Thanks for asking!
Other than us getting stuck watching old coverage, what happens on your end during a rain delay? ' Mike, Florida
Hi Mike,
Rain delays are never fun because we all prefer to see live golf. When it does rain, it makes our job much more challenging because it becomes a waiting game. Typically, we scramble to get player interviews or we bring a guest up to the 18th tower for some relevant conversation. We never stop working, even if no golf is being played. This year, we added a new element to the broadcast during weather suspensions. We actually perform live commentary of taped rounds from years past. Does that make sense? It's actually quite a challenge because we don't have anything written down in front of us. We rely on memory and a producer's voice telling us what shot is coming next. So there you have it, a little insider information.
Email Kelly with your questions for next month's Q&A