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Tiger Adam and Harmon-y

What do Tiger Woods and Adam Scott have in common? If you think their similarities are limited to being young winners in the professional ranks, you are terribly mistaken.
It doesn't surprise me that a 20-year-old won again, especially since it's Adam Scott. The kid's got game, as he proved at last week's Alfred Dunhill Championship. It was his first start of the year on the European Tour and most likely, the first of many wins to come.
I'm sure you've heard the endless comparisons between his golf swing and that of Tiger Woods. If you haven't, believe me, they exist. CBS has gone so far as to put them side by side in slow motion on the television screen to point out the parallels. The analysts all agree that their form is very much alike: they both have powerful positions at the top and their clubs travel on a similar, almost perfect path around their respective torsos. Given that, it shouldn't surprise you at all that Scott has taken his talents to one Butch Harmon to be further groomed for life on the professional level. Why not, it works for Tiger!
Man, I bet Butch Harmon's lesson book is loaded with junior 'I-wanna-be-famous-one-day' golfers. Tiger turned him into a teaching icon and Adam Scott is adding to his already-golden reputation by bringing home a victory shortly after picking him up as a swing coach. Granted, both Tiger and Adam came to him with God given talents and he claims that he's just honing them, but there must be something to this man's teaching method to keep the future of this game staking out on his personal practice tee. He truly 'harmon'izes with his studly students.
There is no guarantee that Adam Scott will ever reach the level of Tiger Woods, for that matter it's hard to believe anyone will. But Scott continues to reach for the stars just like Tiger and along the way, he just may land a few large contracts himself. Not only is the kid a fully capable golfer, he's also incredibly marketable. He's blessed with those Australian good looks and a smile that lights up the camera, just like Greg Norman and Stuart Appleby. When I was down covering the Franklin Templeton Shootout, Adam was partnered with his friend Charles Howell III. After each round I personally witnessed a pack of young girls giggling away and gossiping amongst themselves while positioning themselves at the scorer's tent for Adam's autograph. I felt like I was at a small-town Ricky Martin concert or something. Of course, after interviewing him I told Adam that those girls were lined up to see him and he thought I was kidding. After a little more ribbing, I convinced him that the girls had been waiting there for almost an hour. He humbly made his way over and signed their hats with a bashful smile. What a nice kid!
Adam Scott and Tiger Woods- they are two golfers on two completely different levels, yet their parallels continue to grow by the year. When Tiger was getting started, no one knew the impact he was about to make. We remain hopeful that someone will rise to bring him competition in the future. Wouldn't Butch be in a pinch if his most recent student were to make the first move on his most prized student? Of course, I could think of a few more frustrating situations to experience in life. Soak it up, Butch! You've got the future under your wing.