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Go Ahead Tell Me Im Wrong

Weve been up and down the range, in and out of the press room, up and down the stairs of our stage and in and out of discussion on our Sprint Pre & Post Game shows and Ive developed some strong opinions.
Call me crazy if you want, but heres the way I see a few things from the site of the Players Championship:
  • John Daly is back. He might not win this week. He might not make the field at the Masters. Thats fine with me. I root for the story and not the player. But this is a great story. No bogeys in an opening round of 69. NO BOGEYS! Hes found focus and his better days might be coming.
  • Tiger Woods is in trouble. Im sorry, but I cant see it any other way. He is one bad John Rollins hole away from being winless this year. And had he lost that match think of what wed be thinking. His swing doesnt seem right. He cant seem to decide if its the putting, the irons or the drives that are giving him fits. My cohorts on the show seem to think hes contradicting himself in conversation with the media. My hope is that he gets it turned around soon. A confused Tiger at The Masters isnt any fun now is it?
  • Jerry Kelly needs to be on Hal Suttons Ryder Cup team. There arent too many who possess more fire and determination. Kelly gets more from his game than many of the tours best players. Hes not going to win three tournaments each year, but hes good for three top 10s every five starts these days and consistency goes a long way in cup competition.
  • If only The Players Championship were in May ' wed have a whole different view on things. This is a terrific event on a golf course weve all come to know. The problem is that Augusta is about 10 days away and given that we havent had a major to talk about for some eight months, we cant help but look ahead! That hurts The Players and the players if you know what I mean. Give us The Masters first and The Players Championship will get its proper due. Heck, Tiger will play for a change between The Masters and the U.S. Open!
  • The American women had better step it up ' in a hurry! Imagine the LPGA without Annika Sorenstam. It needs another Nancy Lopez. Laura Diaz, Beth Bauer, Natalie Gulbisanyone, please give the great international flavor some competition.

  • Let Greg Norman find his A game for just one more week. Greg has that magnetic ability to turn the golf world on its ears. So please, Golf Gods, give it to us one more time before 50 hits. How about Shinnecock Hills?
  • Could golf fans PLEASE stop the silly habit of yelling the instant the clubhead meets the ball? It sounds ridiculous.
  • The 17th hole is the best hole on the PGA Tour. I didnt say golf ' I said the PGA Tour. In a matter of minutes it can make Tiger Woods look like the rest of us and can also make Tiger look like hes better than most. You just never know, and for some reason, were always glued to the set no matter whos on the tee.
  • Eight million dollars up for grabs in a golf tournament? Theres no end in sight and The Players Championship is driving the bus. I cant lie ' professional golfers should be able to make what Alex Rodgriguez or any other top athlete makes, but if a guys making 1.44 million to win, should the guy who finishes second make nearly $900,000? Hey, Commissioner Finchem, lets get things in check a bit. Weve got a national debt to pay off.
  • Great to see Phil Mickelson has (perhaps temporarily) abandoned the Futura putter and gone back to the blade. Scotty Camerons unique short-stick has revolutionized design, but as I see it, Mickelson looks better with the blade.
    A couple of other things regarding the Sprint Pre & Post Game shows. Frank Nobilo is a star. Period. One of the most knowledgeable analysts Ive been around because he really says something. Brian Hewitt plays his role as well as anyone in the business. His nose is always where its supposed to be and he definitely has the respect of the players. Peter Oosterhuis is all class ' and more about homework than anyone Ive worked with. Mark Rolfing gives you more in 10 seconds than anyone in golf. And you know what else? Theres no show in this showman. Weve got a great crew, were a tight bunch and we aim to entertain.
    Thanks for the many comments.
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