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A Memo for Leftys Locker

Hey Phil,
Here we go again. Weve strapped ourselves in. Weve taken our motion sickness pills. And weve been warned by our doubters.
Heres the thing. Everything seems to be going your way. Remember that when you put on your shoes. Remember that when you walk toward the practice range. Remember that when Bones gives you the driver on the first tee. Remember it when he hands over the putter at first green.
Remember the ball at 13 the other day? It should have gone into the creek, right? Guess what ' it didnt! Its going your way. It stayed up and you made birdie. Its going your way.
Remember Butch Harmon actually going on record earlier this year about you being the guy to win this years Masters? Its been going your way for a while now!
You want a statistic to chew on? Tiger Woods has posted four of his last seven rounds at Augusta National with numbers of 75 or higher. Youve now played 45 rounds at the Masters and have a total of three rounds of 75 or worse. Things are going your way.
In your Saturday post-round news conference you were reminded that Woods isnt exactly riding your major-less bumper. You know what, that doesnt suck, you said amidst a huge dose of laughter. Great answer. Way to be real. Way to admit your feelings. Tigers nine shots back. In 1956 Jack Burke came from eight back which is the largest deficit overcome on Sunday. Things are going your way.
Back to the golf.
I lost count of the number of par putts you made in round three. Man, did that blade putter look good out there. You know what, your stroke and result looks as good as Weirs did last year or any of the years Tiger won. You know what, things are going your way.
How about the 18th on Saturday? Great tee shot, bit of a pull on the approach. You know what, you took the safe play. The Texas Wedge from off the green was safe. It took double bogey out of the equation. You know what, you made par! Things are going your way.
Augusta is a special place, with a history over the years that has been so kind to some (Palmer, Nicklaus) and so cruel to others (Norman.) Palmer and Nicklaus played this week. Norman wasnt in the field. Things are going your way.
Palmer, in fact, didnt jet home after missing the cut in his farewell Masters as a competitor. He stuck around with family and friends to keep the good kharma going. He cant walk a foot without finding a welcome hand this week and hes still there! You know what, things are going your way.
Each of the last 13 winners on Sunday at Augusta have come from either first or second position on the leaderboard. For the first time in a major heading into Sunday, youre first. Things are going your way.
And finally, Phil, today is Easter Sunday. Its a day when religion finds its way to the top of our minds, helping to put all things in their proper perspective. You know all about Golf gods, right? They just might find their way into this thing. Need I say more?
Go get em, Lefty. Just go get em. It just feels tooright. Oops.
Oh yeah, youre actually right-handed! I forgot. Man, things really are going your way! Ill watch you at the green jacket ceremony!
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