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Things Id Like to See

Two nights ago, I finally had it done. 'It' being LASIK. Actually, I underwent a new procedure called Custom Lasik which is supposed to be the latest and greatest. So far, so great!
The whole ordeal got me to thinking about the whole idea of simply seeing. You know, things I couldnt see so well versus things I could see well versus things Id really like to see. So heres where Im going with this weeks column. Now that John Daly has made us open up our eyes really wide. the following is a list of a few other things Id really like to see happen in golf ' be it this year or in the next few years. Here we go:
Phil Mickelson wins the 04 Masters
But heres the catch ' lets have him trail Tiger, Vijay and Ernie by two shots on Sunday when play commences. Lets have Phil head to the back nine on Sunday still trailing, only to mount a rally to remember. I wont lie, Id love to see Ernie win it too, and Im a big fan of watching Tiger do the unthinkable. But enough of this Mickelson story regarding the majors. Hes got the ability. Hes got the support. Its about time he got it done. I just hope he wins with some pizzazz, if you follow my thinking.

Jay HaasJay Haas wins a PGA Tour Event
This guy is all class. If you were searching for the consummate professional ' this is your guy. He might not have the most victories or the most exuberant personality. What he does have is one of the best attitudes ever toward the game and an understanding of his place in it. Hes 50 now and everyone has him headed to the Champions Tour before he seems to want it. More power to you, Jay! Make it The Players Championship just for emphasis.
Colin Montgomerie wins in the United States
At this point, let him win the Permian Basin Open on the Nationwide Tour! This guy not only doesnt have a major, but hes without any win in the States. Heck, Jose Coceres has TWO! Monty is the guy everyone loves to pick on. Most of the time, its been well-deserved. But I wonder what hed be like if he won just one. Wouldnt it be neat to see? OK, maybe you shouldnt answer that.
David Duval returns with a bang
The most recent Mr. 59 wins a golf tournament and makes Hal Sutton think about the possibilities of having him on the Ryder Cup team at Oakland Hills. Makes for good debate, huh?

Laura DaviesLaura Davies and Dottie Pepper earn entry into the LPGA Hall of Fame
Cmon already! Their current points total might not fit the current requirement for entry, but these two were making their big mark before Annika took the LPGA by storm. Peppers legendary on-course demeanor is enough to qualify. But she has the wins, the majors and the Solheim Cup numbers to go with it. Injury and personal conflict has slowed her down, but any red-white and blue-blooded young American need look no further than Pepper as the unofficial how to manual for spirit and competitive know-how.

As for Davies, please forget the ANZ debacle last week. Shes laid the modern day framework for female success and character in Great Britain. Catrin Nilsmark was just awarded a second term as European Solheim Cup captain. Take nothing from Nilsmark, but if thats what shes earned, then Davies should get a full decade as captain.
Ben Crenshaw catches fire
This guy is due like a 20-year-old library book. We talk all the time about the Champions Tour needing players like Fuzzy Zoeller, Craig Stadler and Tom Watson to have success. Jack and Arnie go without saying, but if Gentle Ben could find his way back to the winners circle ' WOW. Now wed really have something. How can you not like this guy? Im a strong believer in fate, and Ive got a good feeling about this, so maybe Ill be right. (Sorry for borrowing your material, Ben.)
Peter JacobsenPeter Jacobsen as the next PGA Tour commissioner
Dont get me wrong. Tim Finchem has (with a little kick from Eldrick) elevated the PGA Tour to heights unimaginable just a few decades ago. It is a powerhouse and may not even have hit its peak. Thats where Jake comes in. This guy gets it ' period. Show up to play, but show up with love to play. That seems to be his motto. Treat the amateurs like gold, make a few extra speeches, sign a few extra autographs ' and then lets see where were at.
Give back to the dedicated tournaments
Along the same lines of what Id do if I were commissioner, to all those sponsors (on any of the tours) who signed big money deals to lend their name and money to events BEFORE 9/11. give them an extra year on their deal at no cost. Use tour funds to subsidize that events purse for that year while still leaving the sponsors name attached. Talk about good will for those who stepped up when our economy was on thin ice!

Get rid of Doubleheader weeks
Show Tucson some respect. They deserve more than second billing. In fact, why not make Tucson Chrysler Classic, B.C. Open and Valero Texas Open designated majors on the Nationwide Tour? They dont need to scrape up $4 million for the purse ' just 1.5 or so and theyre guaranteed four rounds live on The Golf Channel with a chance to see the up-n'-comers like Chad Campbell, Jonathan Byrd or Zach Johnson battle for big money under much bigger pressure.

Tiger Woods and Elin NordegrenTiger and lin get married live on The Golf Channel
Hey, if it was OK for Trista and Ryan, why not give it a shot?. Since Monday is now Your Game Night, maybe we could change Saturday to Your Wedding Night. Think of the possibilities! We get the exclusive which eliminates many of the tabloid shows and the dreaded possibility that Mary Hart and Bob Goin would show up. Heck, we could do a Sprint Pre-Game and a Sprint Post-Game!
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