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South Carolina has something for everyone

South Carolina has great golf and amazing people. But the thing I will remember most about the state is that no matter where we went, we found incredible food. I mean, everywhere! Whether it was the seafood chowder they served at the turn at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, the she crab soup I got with the blue plate special at a roadside diner in McClellanville or the comfort food that we ate at a combination bait shop/gas station/restaurant in Yemassee, every meal was great. I’m getting hungry just writing about it. Oh, and the best grits in the world are at Dixie Supply Bakery and Café!

 But the meal that stands out most in my mind was an oyster roast on Bowens Island outside of Charleston. To give you an idea of how far off the beaten track it was, we missed the turnoff the first time because there wasn’t any sign marking it. When we did turn, we followed a dirt road that wound for about a half-mile through marshland and woods, and just when we thought we had missed it again, we hit a dead end at a construction site. There was still no sign for the restaurant, but there were cars everywhere, because the locals know!

The restaurant burned to the ground and is being rebuilt, but the people still come to feast and party. As soon as I joined in, I knew exactly why. The food was mouth-watering, and the setting was even better. There was live music, little kids dancing and eating oysters, couples and families enjoying it all and everyone made me feel like I was part of the family. It’s at moments like this that I really love my job the most!

My must-do in South Carolina: See the Dolphins! I saw more than I could count while sailing in the Calibogue Sound off of Hilton Head and while kayaking along the Kiawah River

Best time to go: Spring Break is a Myrtle Beach tradition, and the summer is full of tourists. But if you slip in right between them, you can get the best of both worlds: good weather and fewer people. The same is true right on the edge of summer and fall.

My Guest List: South Carolina is a great family destination. In Charleston there is great golf and tons of history located side by side, and the Grand Strand that stretches along Myrtle Beach features more than 100 golf courses and countless beach-side attractions. There’s really something for everyone.