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Player and Caddie Reach Milestone

04 WelchThe 2004 Welch's/Fry's Championship marked a remarkable milestone for one LPGA Tour player and her caddie. Liselotte Neumann and Mark Scott celebrated their 400th tournament together, a sum of tournaments that far exceeds any other player-caddie relationship in the history of the LPGA.
According to Scott, the unlikely union began 16-years ago in Hawaii when he was working at Turtle Bay Resort as the food and beverage manager. The LPGA happened to be at the club playing the Orient Leasing Hawaiian Ladies Open. Scott mentioned to a friend that he would love to try his hand at caddying. The next thing Scott knew, he was being introduced to a beautiful Swedish rookie named Liselotte Neumann on the driving range. Little did he know his life was about to change forever.
'Lotta really took a chance on me,' said Scott. 'I had never even caddied before and she was so nice and has truly taught me everything I know.'
Scott proved to be a quick study because just seven tournaments later the rare pair sealed the deal with not just any win, but a major victory at the 1988 U.S. Women's Open in Baltimore, Md. Neumann became only the 12th LPGA player to win the Open for a first-time victory. The duo has since gone on to conquer 11 more tournaments together and do not appear to be finished yet.
What's in the glue that holds the two together? Neumann believes the secret to their success has been good communication, just as with any solid relationship.
'Our relationship is not unlike the very nature of golf,' Neumann said. 'There are ups and downs, good rounds and bad rounds. But no matter what we always talk through everything and never leave the golf course without fully understanding each other. We both go out everyday and just try to do our best.'
Scott claims Neumann is the one who makes it so easy to come to work each and every day.
'Lotta has such a great personality and is just a lot of fun to be around,' Scott said. 'I also feel the high level of trust we have developed over the years plays a big role in keeping us together.'
Since the onset of his bag-toting days, it was Scott who began counting competitions purely as his own peculiar pastime.
'I just started counting,' said Scott. 'I thought it would be fun to see how long I could last.'
Maybe 'outlast' would have been a better choice of words. In an environment where most player-caddie alliances change as often as names on a leaderboard, the team of Neumann and Scott are a true testament to the trade.