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Red vs Blue

Big Break: MesquiteJust when you think you know what to expect, WOW, here comes the wrench in the system. The night before our team matches, our wonderful friends at GOLF CHANNEL told us to bring these two special shirts that we had received when we first arrived. One was red and one was blue. They told us we had a promotional shoot the next day, and we needed to bring them with us. Sure! We thought that there was another plan but we never believed what happened next.
We get to the course and are carted to the third hole, where we were told that Hiroshi and Anthony, the two leaders in the point standings, are going to captain one team against the other with the losing team going to elimination. Yikes! Okay, right from the start there was a bit of shock about the top-two players being subjected to such a fate.
Team Red, once picked, huddled together and started talking strategy about who should team as best-ball partners, and who should team as alternate-shot partners. The cohesiveness of the team started to gel. They werent happy about what was going on but they, especially Hiroshi, accepted the challenge and started to plan for battle.
On the blue side there was a captain who was just like the color of his shirt ' BLUE. He was not happy about either the state of affairs or the potential of being part of the Elimination Challenge if his team lost.
In the Blue team huddle ' I know, I was there ' Captain Anthony decided that he needed to tell us that this show, this experience, meant more to him than the rest of us. WHAT? Where did that come from? I know he never asked how much it meant to me, and I dont think he asked anyone else.
Not such a good first few minutes as captain. Instead of accepting the turn of events, he fought them and decided to place his experience higher than anyone else. While out team didnt gel from the start, Josh, James, Kevin and I were ready to do whatever we needed to secure victory. The matches were amazingly close and there were great shots on both sides. It was a long, grueling and exhausting experience.
We saved our captain for last and he was going against Benoit. With the wind really howling at this point, Anthony hit three great shots and got himself in position to make a putt and give the Blue squad victory. Could it happen, might we win against this formidable team of Red Raiders? Well, its all history now as Anthony missed the putt and its off to OT.
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