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The Fun Side of Big Break Mesquite

Big Break: MesquiteWhen Im watching the show it always occurs to me that the viewers dont get to see how much fun we were having. The nature of the show forces the producers to edit material as though we are living and dying with every shot. Make no mistake: we are all fiercely competitive, work hard, and want to win. But golf is our job, and our approach was to treat it as just another tournament.
Safe City was constantly a riot. All we did was crack jokes and talk about inappropriate subject matter, save the few instances when the producers begged us to pay attention and actually talk about golf. During the climax of the team competition, I was talking about hiring a film crew to follow me around when I got back home because I would feel bare without all the cameras on me, just like Philip Seymour Hoffman in the movie Along Came Polly. Also, as I was waiting for everyone to get set and tee off in my match against Mark, we had an extensive conversation with the crew about the nuances of competitive eating. I was telling them about Takeru Kobayashis record of 97 Krystals in eight minutes in Chattanooga. We shared some laughs and then I banged my drive out there.
Im convinced that the outtakes of this show could be spun into a different show with a whole new theme and feel. It would need to be shown on a premium channel, or else the FCC would require quite a bit of bleeping and voice-overs. But it would more accurately portray the attitudes of the players and show a different side of the drama. Maybe I can talk the producers into a spin off featuring a more light-hearted theme. I think Ill get right on that.
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