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We Are Playing Some Golf

Big Break: MesquiteIts the first morning we hear from Rick and Steph that we actually get to play an entire hole or two! No walls to negotiate. And no circles to hit except for the one that really matters ' the 4.25 circular hole cut in the green.
Today we find out who can get the job done when it matters. And a surprising twist! One of our fearless leaders will be exposed to elimination before the day is over. Thats right, Hiroshi or Anthony could be going home soon despite their commanding point leads, a reality that apparently does not set well with Anthony. If one of them should go home because of this little wrinkle, well, have you ever seen a train wreck in slow motion?
I always say live sporting events are the original reality programming. One cannot write scripts better than what real life events provide. The Big Break: Mesquite producers found that out today. They set the scene - a mini Ryder Cup, a team competition - and turned us loose. What transpired was one of the more exciting things Ive experienced. There was a dramatic start, a shifting of momentum, a comeback, and to top it off, overtime. What more could you ask for? Ill see you all next week. To the winner go the spoils.
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