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Back to NOLA: Three stories revisited, six years after Katrina

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NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans is dancing. The sun is shining proudly over a prideful city – not like the kind of pride in the Bible that turns you bad, as the Avett Brothers would sing on this Friday.

It’s the first day of the 42nd annual Jazz Fest. It’s the first day after the last day of the NBA Hornets’ season. It’s the second day of the PGA Tour’s Zurich Classic.

New Orleans is bustling. The good times are rolling once again.

Five years ago Golf Channel visited the Crescent City, seven months after Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything but the Gulf Coast’s resiliency. That word, resiliency, is mentioned time and time again now. Five years ago, it was ‘normalcy.’ That’s all anyone wanted, just to go back one day in time.

New Orleans is empathizing. Images on the TV look like God dumped his waste basket on Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tornadic activity, further showcasing nature’s unapologetic cruelty, has taken away everything people have worked for all their lives. Taken over 340 lives as well.

New Orleans is everything. It bursts at the seams with beauty and despair. It is sincere and sardonic. Marcus Mumford sings “Awake My Soul” along with thousands of carefree voices while a banner flies above promoting a local strip club.

New Orleans is unlike any other. Love it or leave it, the city does not conform.

Five years ago, we looked at the state – and future – of golf in New Orleans. We witnessed the destruction first hand and wondered if City Park could be reborn, if Metairie Country Club could be rebuilt, if the game could fully recover in the area.

Five years later, we revisited the three stories and found a city that was transformed on the surface, but not at heart.

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