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Game of Life: Your stories

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Each year, solicits stories from readers. Stories of inspiration and great spirit. Stories of tragedy and heartache. Stories of life and golf.

There is the saying: Golf is life. You can really plug in any activity into the subject line of that sentence and it will apply to someone. Golf, however, is not life; it’s a just a part of it. 
But for some, golf is a very important part of life. It’s a way for them to connect with a family member, a way to socialize, a way to help them cope with an illness.

Over the years we’ve been able to tell the stories of Jeff Julian and his battle with ALS; Mallory Code and her fight with cystic fibrosis; Michael J. Fox and how he uses golf to combat Parkinson’s disease.

We’ve written about golf in the Gulf Coast region post-Katrina. We’ve talked to everyday people like Jay Lamothe and Molly Esordi for whom golf has been instrumental in their coping with life’s trials.

There are plenty more stories out there. Plenty of which we are not aware. That’s where you come in. If you have or know of an inspirational story relating to golf, e-mail me at – the same if you have one of woe or caution which relates to the sport.
We won’t be able to tell every tale in 2012, but hopefully there will be a few we can select which will offer more meaning to you the readers than any column or game-day story ever could.