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Golf Chronicles After Katrina

Katrina Stories
Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005.
Its been nearly eight months since Hurricane Katrina resulted in the worst natural disaster in American history. Those in the Gulf States are still shaking off the effects of shell shock, still in the infant stages of putting back the pieces of their lives.
Somewhere in the move from despair to hope, golf has found its place.
On Tuesday, April 18, The Golf Channel aired Golf Chronicles: After Katrina (Encore Airtimes). Hosted by Rich Lerner, it documents the desolation and revitalization of the Gulf Coast region. It also tells the role that golf is playing in this continuous, lengthy recovery.
Laissez les bon temps roulez: Let the good times roll. Its long been the local motto in an area known as the Big Easy. Now times are very, very hard, and that motto has forcefully evolved into a new mantra: Recovery, Rebuild, Rebirth.
The following are stories representing each of the citys three new ideals, their new foundation of hope:
Zurich ClassicRecovery: Professional Golf Returns to New Orleans
Fifty-seven times, dating back to 1938, New Orleans has hosted a PGA TOUR event. And thanks to unwavering support, there will be a 58th. The impact could provide emotional and financial boosts to many in the Crescent City. More...
Metairie Country ClubRebuild: The Resurrection of Metairie Country Club
Greg Cores house was all but destroyed. His possessions washed away. He had but his family and, literally, the clothes on his back. And yet there was only one thing on his mind: getting his flooded golf course back up and running. More...
City Park ClubhouseRebirth: History on the Brink of Extinction
City Park is New Orleans answer to New Yorks Central Park. For over a century its been home to nearly every activity imaginable. And come September, without significant funding, it may be lost forever. It may have one savior ' golf. More...
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