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Nos. 1 and 3 seed reach Tiger Match Play final

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Tiger Woods’ greatest moment in his first major triumph will square off against his greatest moment from his latest major triumph, for the title of greatest moment in his career.

At least, according to you.

Readers have voted for three weeks and narrowed down the field in Tiger Woods’ Greatest Moments Match Play to the 1997 Masters and the 2008 U.S. Open.

In the semifinals, the No. 1 seed, Tiger’s double fist-pumping exaltation after forcing a playoff at Torrey Pines five years ago, defeated the No. 13 seed, his 6-iron clinching shot in the 2000 Canadian Open. The margin was not close, 77.38 percent to 22.62 percent.

The other Final Four matchup was tighter, but never really in doubt as the No. 3 seed upset the No. 2 seed. Tiger’s embrace of father Earl after winning the ’97 Masters knocked off his miracle chip-in/awkward high-five on the 16th hole Sunday at the ’05 Masters.

The earlier Augusta moment got an early lead and never relinquished the advantage, winning, 59.58 percent to 40.42 percent.

The TWGMMP allows readers the opportunity to vote on the greatest moment of Tiger’s career. For more information on defining a moment, click here. To view a breakdown of the 16 seeds, click here. For the full bracket, click here.

And so we have it … or you have it. Time to vote on the champion: