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Open Reminder

OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill. -- Sports are a constant reminder. Of things that have happened before. Of things weve seen before. Of the way we know people to be.
Case in point - Vijay Singh. We were reminded that burning a man leaves visible scars. Unless required to do, Singh admitted no desire to talk to the media this or any other week: 'Unless Im leading or winning a tournament,' was the way he put it. Not to those who called him a coward. Not to those who called him a cave man. Not to those who stood on top of him. Not even to those who stood up for him.
Were reminded that some people live in a black-and-white world. Theres good and theres bad, and theres no in-between. Youre for me or youre against me. And if you wear a press badge, its a sign of the latter.
We were also reminded that while the memories of some might be vaulted and stored, the memories of most are as free as air. Were reminded that we live in a fickle society, where jeers turn to cheers with something as simple as a good round of golf.
We were reminded that golf is unlike any other sport. In its integrity. In its history. In its accessibility. And in its acceptability.
Were reminded that in most sports, needling the participants is part of the game. But not this one. Thou shalt not upset thy thin-skinned golfer for fear of banishment.
We were reminded that it only really only feels like a U.S. Open when people are constantly complaining.
And that Tiger Woods is not in a slump.
We were reminded that no matter how much money you make, how many tournaments you win, how well you play, how beautiful your wife is, or how many homes you have in Maui, you just cant make certain people smile while theyre working. Not until the job is completed and the trophy is in hand.
We were reminded that age might diminish ability, but the great ones are always great. If even for just one more day. Were reminded that memories can act as fuel. And that what transpired 35 years ago can serve you unexpectedly today.
But were also reminded that the mind can override the body for only so long. That despite the greatest of care, the petals eventually will fall off the flower.
We were reminded that perseverance is the greatest form of courage. That when the body becomes your enemy you cant lie in wait to wilt away.
We're reminded that sometimes it takes the devastation of others to appreciate the life we live.
We were reminded of how golf is a bond, between generations, and fathers and sons. And that there is no more appropriate ending in sports than the nation's premiere golf championship on Fathers Day.
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