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Sutton Sleepless For a Reason

When youre 43-years-old, have three daughters under the age of five and travel around the world, youre bound to get tired.
But when youre exhausted all day for over a year, theres a problem.
Three weeks ago, a sleepless Hal Sutton experienced chest pains and went to his doctor. The diagnosis? Sleep apnea ' a medical condition where breathing stops for a few seconds during sleep; that results in an increased heart rate, which, in turn, results in Sutton constantly waking up in the middle of the night.
Sutton, who is competing in this week's NEC Invitational in Akron, OH, said he stopped breathing 8-to-10 seconds 40 times an hour. His oxygen level went down to 70, a very dangerous number.
The 14-time PGA Tour winner could have had surgery ' a painful process that is only effective about 20% of the time ' but opted to start sleeping with a portable oxygen machine. Sutton said the experience has been quite uncomfortable.
Sutton did win the Shell Houston Open in April, but hasnt since finished inside the top-10 in an event.