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Toms Terrific Yet Tired

David Toms has been a very busy man lately. And he has the ink stains on his fingers and the bags under his eyes to prove it.
Life has changed dramatically for the 34-year-old Louisianan since capturing last weeks PGA Championship.
His phone wont stop ringing. His mind wont stop racing.
Toms has been besieged by well-wishers ' family, friends, people who want to be friends.
Even Jay Lenos people called.
Toms is grateful for the gratitude. But he said what has meant the most is the reaction from his peers.
I had a lot of phone calls, but the ones that Ill cherish most are from the other players on tour, Toms said.
You never know what your fellow pros think of you, and obviously, they think a lot of me, because I had some really nice messages. Something that I will always remember.
Toms said one of the first people who called was another recent first-time major winner, David Duval.
'That meant a lot, a player of his stature to congratulate me right after that happened,' Toms said.
Toms also talked to 1988 PGA champion Jeff Sluman, who offered up some advice.
He just said dont try to live up to the expectations of the media and people out there now that you are a major champion, Toms recalled. Just try to do your best and try to accomplish what you set out for yourself, and if you do that, youll be just fine.
One thing Toms has been doing a lot of recently is talking.
Hes talked about his hole-in-one on No. 15 in the third round ' The coolest shot Ive ever hit.
Hes talked about qualifying for his first U.S. Ryder Cup team ' Thats going to be a thrillI cant wait.
And hes talked, ad nauseum, about his decision to lay-up on the 18th hole with the tournament on the line Sunday ' Looking back, I wouldnt have done it any differently; even if it hadnt worked out.
Were that the case, can you imagine how much he would have had to talk about it?If Toms has a primary personal flaw, its that hes a Yes man ' in the best sense of the word. He simply has a hard time saying no.
Toms said he signed probably 2000 autographs on Tuesday alone. He went through three Sharpies in the process.
It seems everyone wants a piece of his time. And it all started as soon as his 12-footer on the 72nd hole at the Atlanta Athletic Club hit the bottom of the cup.
After I holed the last putt, it was just like, Well, its all over with, said Toms.
In fact, it was just beginning.
After finally leaving the AAC at 10:45 p.m., Toms checked his messages on his way back to his hotel ' a process that required the full 30-minute drive time.
He then ordered room service and had a big ole cup of sweet tea. That led to too much caffeine, which, in turn, led to a fitful night's sleep.
The last thing Toms remembers about that Sunday is seeing 2:45 flash on his clock. He then woke up ' unsure of how many hours he may have slept ' and took a private flight to Chicago for an outing he had agreed to long before becoming a major champion.
I always keep my promises, said Toms.
And such will continue. Once this week is over, Toms will fly to Williamsburg, Va., for media day for the Michelob Championship, where he will defend his title in October.
Hes then slated to attend an outing Tuesday at his home golf club in Shreveport, La., site of that weeks Buy.Com event.
Wednesday, hell finally get to spend some time with his family; though, hell still have to wake up early to take his kids to school.
Until then, however, its full steam ahead.
I still dont know if I like the attention, he said. I mean, its nice that people recognize you and everything and it means a lot, but it would have been a lot easier today to show up, go out, hit a few balls, get in your car, go back home and take a nap.
Dont take that as complaining; take it as a man whos simply more comfortable in the shadows.
A man who still trying to come to terms with the fact that he is a major champion.
There was a teenager outside that said, Hey, dude, theres the PGA champion over there, said Toms laughing.
Thats the first time I heard it like that and that was pretty neat.