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Wie Living A Dream

HONOLULU -- On Thursday morning at 8:59 here in Hawaii, 14-year-old Michelle Wie will tee off in the first round of the Sony Open; and, thus, become the youngest female to ever play in a PGA Tour event. You cannot help but root for her success.

This young woman keeps making history -- and her dreams come true. Tuesday at the Sony, Michelle lived out the kind of dream every teen-aged athlete has had.

Were you a football player in ninth-grade who dreamed of catching a pass from Sonny Jurgensen? Perhaps an adolescent tennis player who fantasized about hitting a few with Chrissie? A little league baseball player who pictured himself trying to hit a Nolan Ryan fastball? Of course there was no way any of those childish fantasies could become reality. But today at Waialae Country Club, Michelle accomplished ' as she said ' what every golfer dreams of. She actually played a round of golf with one of the games greats ' one of her idols ' Ernie Els.

Thats just a part of the bigger dream. The R-E-Ms really start when the local girl-made-good gets to compete with the best players in the world in the PGA Tour stop in Honolulu.

Its often easy to forget that Michelle is just a kid, living out her dreams ... A kid whos just having a great time. She swings so beautifully, plays so brilliantly. She is a very young woman who exudes grace and poise and maturity beyond her years. Its easy to forget shes a mere 14-years-old.

No one should fault her for taking the opportunity to play on the mens tour. No one should fault the Sony Open officials for extending their special invitation to get her in the field. Michelle is a Hawaiian heroine. They love her here. Her presence has brought the tournament excitement, attention and fans.

So far this week, no nay-sayers have reared their ugly heads. Every Tour member who has had something to say about Michelle -- especially Ernie -- has sung her praises. They all have marveled at her talent and her bright-eyed, youthful enthusiasm. Surely many of them must have had similar teenaged dreams of their own.

Michelle has no agenda ' hidden or otherwise. She just wants to play golf with the best players in the world. Shes not trying to prove anything. Shes not trying to promote herself or any cause. Shes just a kid living out a dream something none of us ever had the chance to do.