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Alex Miceli - February 15, 2012

Alex Miceli
Getty Images

Looking back at why he felt Phil would win on the West Coast, Alex recalled how Phil had told him about how good he was feeling about his game entering the 2012 season. He began to get a bit down after a slow start but Alex was still convinced that Phil was on to something with his game and that he just needed a couple more pieces to fall into place to get that win. That extra piece was getting the right shaft in his driver and he drove the ball great at Pebble Beach last week.

If he had to pick between Tiger or Phil at The Masters this year, he has said and will continue to say Phil. Tiger has played very well there but he has not won since 2005. He does not know why Tiger has not won at Augusta National since 2005 but the fact is that he hasn’t.

He likes Lee Westwood and Adam Scott as well but there have always been arguments against them. If Zach Johnson can win The Masters, Luke Donald can win The Masters but there have been arguments against him as well. The only players who do not really have any arguments against them when it comes to The Masters are Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson.

In writing an article on Ken Duke and his journey back to the PGA TOUR, he researched Stacy Lewis who has also struggled with Scoliosis although she has had a different kind than Ken Duke. Duke has to overcome a number of issues with his spine just to swing the golf club and he has to do a lot of things in training just to be able to properly swing. He is over many of the physical hurdles but now he has to get over the mental hurdles and he will do that if he is able to get into contention more often.

Riviera CC is one of the great classic courses on the PGA TOUR and it has been able to stand the test of time in large part because of the difficulty of the green contours, the poa annua on the greens, the kikuyu rough, and the fact that many of the holes are risk/reward along with being relatively short.