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Alex Miceli - September 21, 2011

Alex Miceli is in Atlanta, Georgia at East Lake Golf Club for the TOUR Championship this week. He wrote an article in Golfweek about the World Anti-Doping Agency considering banning the use of nicotine in competition and in speaking to PGA TOUR players, they were caught off guard just like the PGA TOUR was but they are not overly concerned because they do not think it will ultimately be banned. No one knows what WADA will do in response to the results of their investigation and he would not be surprised if nicotine became a real issue on the PGA TOUR by 2014.

A number of writers are saying that the reason that Lexi Thompson withdrew from Q-School is because a deal has already been made with Michael Whan but Alex does not understand how the LPGA Tour could have allowed this to become such an issue that it is now effectively overshadowing the Solheim Cup. He feels that the LPGA Tour would have gotten a lot of positive reinforcement and a lot of good press if they had either accepted Lexi immediately or if they had at least been more organized in their response. Alex then participated in the Fantasy Draft for the TOUR Championship with Erik and Gary.