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Allen Wronowski - January 25, 2012

PGA of America
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Allen Wronowski is President of the PGA of America and he is in Orlando this week for the PGA Merchandise Show. Today the PGA Merchandise Show begins with Demo Day at Orange County National in the Orlando area. It will be a great event as there are many, many manufacturers and people will be able to try all kinds of equipment on a circular driving range. There is so much stuff there that people can be there for hours. The PGA of America would consider opening this event to the public in the future although it is not this year.

The PGA of America is involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in a phenomenal 5-year partnership and they are very excited to announce that Ken Griffey, Jr. will also be involved in this partnership. PGA professionals will provide equipment and lessons and there will also be teachings on health and wellness for the junior golfers involved. It is very important to teach these kids the value of health and wellness and how golf can be a great way to get a lot of daily exercise and fresh air.

Last year, the PGA of America initiated the Tee it Forward program which has been a great success. It is an effort to encourage golfers of all abilities to play tees that are closer than what they have been playing in the past because it will not only speed up play but it will also make the game more fun especially for middle-level amateur players. He has heard countless stories about how Tee it Forward has improved the golf experience for players.