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Allen Wronowski - June 27, 2012

PGA of America
Getty Images

PGA of America President Allen Wronowski is in Seaside, California attending the PGA Professional National Championship. Matt Dobyns made two eagles in five holes in the third round to take a six shot lead after 54 holes in his first appearance in the PGA Professional National Championship and he is one of the best among many great stories at this exciting event. This is an exciting week for all of the participating professionals as well as the PGA of America as an organization and it has been wonderful to be at such a great course in Northern California with absolutely beautiful weather.

20 players earn places in the field for the PGA Championship and while more players from this event have qualified in the past, the PGA of America feels that 20 is an appropriate number considering the fact  that the PGA Championship traditionally has the strongest field of the four Major Championships.

This is Tee it Forward Month for the PGA of America and based on surveys taken in 2011, the program has been a big success so far as a large majority are having more fun on the golf course and are enjoying being able to play their rounds in less time. He has personally had a lot of fun teeing it forward on the course and he has also enjoyed watching other people have fun with this program.