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Christina Kim - October 11, 2011

Christina Kim
Getty Images

Christina Kim earned her first win in six years in the Sicilian Ladies Italian Open on the Ladies European Tour. She said that the cold and rainy weather in Italy reminded her of the weather in California when she was growing up playing golf. She was just thrilled to have the opportunity to win and in the final round she was working hard to stay in the moment and hit good shots as she did not know what was happening around her with the other players. After winning in Italy, she ended up missing her first flight to Malaysia due  to the Awards Ceremony and with the help of IMG she was able to book another flight and by the end of the evening she relaxed with a nice cocktail with some friends. She is a client of Chubby Chandler and ISM and Chandler is someone who not only knows the game very well but he is able to focus on clients individually and make them feel special and wanted. Chubby is the kind of guy who is the last out of the pub and just in general a very cool guy. Her regular caddie was actually working for the player who finished third in Italy. When it comes to the possibility of adding LPGA Tour events in the United States over the next couple of years, she said that she believes that under Michael Whan and his great staff at the LPGA Tour there will be events added in the future and she as well as all of the LPGA Tour are doing their best to grow the game around the world and in the United States.