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Frank Nobilo - July 23, 2012

Frank Nobilo
Getty Images

When it comes to what Ernie Els has accomplished, what makes it so much more remarkable is the fact that one year ago his confidence was as low as it had ever been in his career. He has been through a lot in his career dating back to the early 1990’s and when he is done with his career, this will probably rank among the top 2 or 3 moments of his career.

Adam Scott has gone through as tough of a moment in Majors that you can go through and the fact is that no one is cut out to handle it. One may say later in life that it helps shape you but Nobilo feels that Scott will be able to grow from this in part because he saw Scott bounce back from the nadir of his career in 2009. The biggest mistake and the thing that will stay with Scott the longest will be the three putts on the 16th hole on Sunday.