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Golf Digest's Ron Kaspriske - September 15, 2011

Ron Kaspriske is the Health & Fitness Editor for Golf Digest and every Friday he presents Fitness Friday on’s Instruction Blog where he offers tips and advice on how to strengthen not only your golf game but your body as well. 

Over the past few years, there has been a cosmic shift in terms of true athletes in the game of golf. Prior to this, most people considered athletes to be those who played football, baseball, basketball, and other sports. There are more professional golfers today who are tall, sinewy, flexible, and athletic in the way that football and basketball players are. Much credit for this shift is due to Tiger Woods because with his success he certainly inspired more people to spend more time in the gym. However, Tiger does not deserve full credit because this shift would have eventually happened with or without Tiger. 

For an athletic stretch, he would recommend taking a golf club, hold it over your head, and squat down trying to get your rear end as close to the ground as possible. This stretch will determine how flexible you are and if you are even going to be able to swing a golf club.