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Jason Kokrak - September 20, 2011

Kokrak earned his first Nationwide Tour win on Sunday in the Albertsons Boise Open. He was in Denver on his way to Boise when he found out that he had gone from an alternate to in the field. He knew he was playing well going in and he was able to go low enough to win. Low scores have been required to win this year and he felt that with a good game plan and as long as he kept bogeys to a minimum, he would have a chance and it still has not completely set in that he has won. It is likely that he will go to the PGA TOUR in 2012 and while he will miss a number of people who are the involved in the organization of events on the Nationwide Tour, he is excited to play on the PGA TOUR. He found out that the Cleveland Browns won on Sunday during the final round which pumped him up but he was disappointed that Ohio State lost on Saturday but he said that you win some, you lose some. Any kid in any college who plays golf wants to go to the PGA TOUR and that was true with him at Xavier where he attended on a full scholarship and had a great education.