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Jay Townsend - February 14, 2012

Jay Townsend
Getty Images

When Lee Westwood is on, he is definitely on when it comes to putting. However, that was not the case on Sunday in Dubai. He has been working on his putting for a long time and while there have been signs of improvement, there are still signs of problems. His weakness, however, is his chipping and when the nerves come into play, your weaknesses are exposed. That weakness was exposed when he hit a horrible chip at 18 on Sunday. There is still work to do when it comes to his nerves and his short game.

Among most likely international players to win a Major, Jay said that Luke Donald tops the list and his best chance will come at the Olympic Club during the U.S. Open. Even though the course is long at over 7,500 yards, he thinks that Donald will play well and even win. Adam Scott is another name that comes to mind and he nearly won The Masters last year.

He thinks that Tiger’s recommendation of requiring that the putter is the shortest club in the bag is spot on. The fact that so many professional golfers are taking advantage of the long putter shows that it is significant in the game today and it is about more than just allowing some older amateur golfers to keep playing into their golden years.