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Jay Townsend - January 10, 2012

Jay Townsend
Getty Images

Townsend is in South Africa for coverage of the Joburg Open on Golf Channel. Charl Schwartzel is trying for three wins in a row in the Joburg Open and Jay said that he is clearly the best player in the field and while he should win this week, there is some bad weather expected which could make things interesting on the course.

Louis Oosthuizen won the Africa Open last week for a second straight year and he was able to do so despite having some struggles on Saturday. He was able to bounce back very well and he has gotten his 2012 off to a great start after ending 2011 on a high note in terms of his performance.

Paul Casey’s goal right now should not be making the Ryder Cup team. He needs to focus on getting healthy again so he can just get back onto the golf course. While Jay doubts that Casey will be able to qualify based on points, he thinks that if Paul plays well he can be a strong contender for a Captain’s Pick.

He thinks that the Hyundai Tournament of Champions is a great event to choose as a tournament to co-sanction between the PGA TOUR and the European Tour but the travel involved will prevent the field from getting as strong as it should be. If he had his way, he would make the event mandatory but he understands that that would go against what professional golf is about.

The Race to Dubai Bonus Pool is being reduced by half in 2012 and simply put it is evidence that the worldwide economic struggles do not exempt the game of golf. The Race to Dubai is still strong but it has unfortunately become necessary to reduce the Bonus Pool. The European Tour will be just fine.

His former agent Chubby Chandler made him without question enjoy life to a greater extent off the course. He was able to experience some great things with Chandler and he thinks that for any young player who wants or needs to have proper perspective about his or her career and about life around them, Chubby Chandler is the perfect agent to have.