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Jim McLean - January 19, 2012

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McLean is the author of the new book on Ben Hogan called “The Complete Hogan” and is also the swing instructor to a number of notable players including Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson, and Erik Compton. He saw Ben Hogan for the first time in person in 1968 at Champions Golf Club in Texas. He was blown away by that first encounter and was lucky enough to see him practice and play in person a number of times in his life.

When it comes to players today, there are a lot of them who are influenced by Hogan through their swing instructors. Rory McIlroy has a finish that is similar to Hogan and just as many people tried to copy Hogan’s finish, many players today are trying to copy McIlroy’s finish.

He is trying to give readers a perspective about Hogan as a player and a person by showing them an insight into the people that he spent time around when he was working on his game.

Erik Compton’s health presents a number of challenges when it comes to his practice and playing schedules. Compton has been able to develop a swing that is very simple, easy to repeat and does not require a lot of practice. It is very inspiring to see Compton accomplish what he has accomplished because for many years there was a great amount of doubt whether or not he would do anything close to making the PGA TOUR.

Lexi Thompson’s swing looks great right now and she is ready to go out and have a great season on the LPGA Tour this year. She brings qualities to the table that almost no one else has and he is very excited to see what her 2012 will look like. In reference to Randall Mell’s article on Lexi and her family on, McLean said that he has been aware of the story for a number of years so it did not come as a surprise to him but agrees with the idea that this could be liberating for her this year.

During the offseason, he worked with Keegan Bradley a great deal on his shots from between 75 and 125 yards. He plans to work with Keegan more during the West Coast Swing and thinks that Keegan is in for another great year to follow up his 2011 where as Rookie of the Year he won a Major.