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Joe Morgan - September 20, 2011

Baseball Hall of Fame Member Joe Morgan was in Long Island for the Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge. He celebrated his birthday at this event this year. Bill Russell supports his foundation and he figured that he would go out to Long Island and support his friend Bill. The camaraderie is the main reason he came out to the event as it is a great amount of fun to hang out with your friends and talk about the old days as well as what they are doing now. His father taught him how to play golf and he learned and still plays right handed despite being left handed in baseball. He never played golf during the baseball season when he was playing in part because he loves golf so much that he would not want to stop playing. The thing that keeps athletes like him interested in golf is the competition aspect as you not only compete against your friends but also against yourself. His friends Bill Russell and Jim Brown are both quite competitive on the golf course. He said he is about a five handicap and his favorite course is his home course at Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, CA while his second favorite course is Pine Valley.