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Joe Steranka - February 14, 2012

PGA of America
Getty Images

PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka is in Tallahassee, Florida for Florida Golf Day. Golf has a $7.5 billion direct impact on the state which in turn leads to a total economic impact of $13.8 billion per year. This is a very special day and it is wonderful to have the support and involvement of government figures including Florida Governor Rick Scott as well as other officials in golf from organizations including the PGA TOUR, World Golf Hall of Fame, The First Tee, and the GCSAA.

Golf 2.0 is bringing a lot of new energy to the game of golf and the business of golf around the country and it is wonderful how Golf Channel has helped to promote this initiative. Everyone from players to club pros to superintendents has worked very hard to help grow the game and it is great to see the progress.

It is absolutely crucial to the growth of the game of golf among all ages to remind them that it is just a game where you walk in the park and chase a white ball around with a stick. It is also a great source of exercise and fresh air and you could see that enthusiasm during the PGA Merchandise Show last month. You will begin to see junior leagues where young people will play together as teams and wear numbers on their backs and it is great to see golf grow in that way.