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John Hawkins - February 12, 2012

John Hawkins
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On, Hawkins wrote an intensive article on Tiger Woods in 2000. When asked how a Tiger win today would compare to 2000, he said that it would different simply because Tiger is not the same person today and he is also not the empire that he was in 2000. When Tiger came from 7 back with 7 to play, that was one of the biggest moments of that year and he left Pebble Beach feeling bulletproof. While he will not leave Pebble feeling bulletproof if he wins today, the impact of the win could arguably be as big as the win in 2000 was.

He is certainly someone who roots for the story and after having done his first live chats of 2012 on, he knows that everyone is rooting for Tiger Woods to win. While a Phil Mickelson win would be a big deal, a Tiger Woods win would be so big that it will be the lead story on numerous networks and in numerous newspapers while that would not be the case for Phil Mickelson.

There is no question in his mind that Phil needs Tiger but Tiger needs Phil too although Phil needs Tiger more. While Tiger has poked fun at Phil over the years, there has never been any real animosity between them and their involvement in the team competitions have also brought them closer. As the landscape in golf continues to change in favor of the younger stars, Tiger and Phil are brought even closer together.

During these live chats, the most popular question he receives is about how many times Tiger will win in one year. He also receives a lot of clever ones but the best ones are not really suitable for TV.

In Dubai, Rafael Cabrera-Bello – not McIlroy or Kaymer – ended up being the one to unseat Lee Westwood from the top of the leaderboard in the final round. While he thinks that this loss will have some impact on the immediate future, he does not think that this loss will have a significant impact on how he plays in The Masters. This loss may require an extra beer or two but in the long run, this will not be debilitating for Lee Westwood.

John thinks Tiger looks great on the golf course this week and his swing is incredibly strong. When asked if Tiger, Luke Donald, or Lee Westwood will win a Major first, he said that Tiger will win one first because of the fact that Tiger has won 14 Majors and the other two have not won their first.

If Tiger goes two more years without a Major Championship win, it would be appropriate to say that the window for winning Majors either has closed or is closing because having a scenario when a player like Jack Nicklaus in his late 30s goes on to win 4 Majors before his career ends is the exception and not the rule.