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John Hawkins - January 18, 2012

John Hawkins
Getty Images

There have been numerous changes since the Bob Hope Classic became the Humana Challenge last year and in the next couple of years, Hawkins feels that the event can only get better because it was not possible for it to get worse. When Bob Hope was alive, this event was one of the biggest on the PGA TOUR but since Humana and Bill Clinton came in, a lot of fat has been cut and the event has been streamlined in a number of important ways. It reminds him of what happened when Justin Timberlake put his name on the event in Las Vegas and while it is still a Fall Series event, Timberlake has added a lot of positive energy to the event and Clinton will do the same thing for the former Bob Hope Classic.

Phil Mickelson opened his 2004 season with a win in the Humana Challenge after a winless 2003 and while we may not see the same thing in 2012, he thinks that Phil will play well because he is motivated once again to improve on what had been a disappointing season. He always expects big things from Phil Mickelson but he cannot keep losing tournaments from 5-10 feet on the greens. If he can get his putting back – and he is one of the best putters to ever play the game – expect him to win a lot more.

When he thinks of someone who will have a breakout 2012, he mentioned Clemson alum Kyle Stanley who made 22 cuts in 28 starts in his rookie year of 2011. Stanley is the best player in the world that no one has heard of and he comes from a great pedigree.

Matt Every stirred up controversy last week with his comments on his 2010 suspension and the comments made him chuckle a bit even if the content of the comments were a bit controversial. He can understand why the PGA TOUR would want to send someone out to speak with Matt Every about the importance of everyone involved presenting a clean image to the rest of the world about the game of golf. Pro golf is the girl scout troop of pro sports and the fact that these comments were even made is controversial.