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John Madden - January 13, 2012

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Madden is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Member for his NFL Coaching career and is also considered to be one of greatest NFL analysts of all time. He has always acknowledged the strength of a football team’s offensive line and he is working with Prilosec OTC to honor the best offensive line in the NFL with the 2011 Madden Protectors Award.

The two #1 seeds in the NFL playoffs – the Patriots and the Packers – are the best offensive teams but the worst defensive teams. Free agency and the salary cap have both played a role in this shift in priority with the best teams in the NFL. Many teams feel that if they have a great quarterback like a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, they know they can score a lot of points and if they have a good enough defense, they can win games. He has believed for his whole life that defense wins championships but that may not be true anymore. There is a greater priority on offense to the point that it has changed the way NFL games are played.

Tim Tebow is simply put a great competitor and he is someone that is such good shape with how he can play the game, he is able to wear out the defensive lines. He is going 100 mph for the entire game and he plays so hard that he simply wears down the defensive lines. He is not and may never be the best passer but he knows that he would want a Tim Tebow on his team.