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Julius Erving - September 20, 2011

While he has invented a lot of things in basketball, he has also invented a number of things in golf including how to play without having to take a drop. Bill Russell is his hero and they have been friends for a number of years and he is very appreciative of this special friendship with someone he admires so much. He played a mentor role to a young Charles Barkley when he was with the 76ers and while it is not this way now, Charles was very much a “yes sir, no sir” person and Charles is still that way with him. George Gervin is two years younger than him but as a rookie was assigned to Erving and Gervin to this day says “yes sir” and to this day Erving calls him his rookie. A friend of his in West Palm Beach who is now 90 got him into golf. Erving was in his 30s when he learned how to play and wishes that he learned the game when he was much younger. He has gotten to do a lot of things and does not have many regrets.