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Mike Malaska - January 24, 2012

PGA of America
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Malaska is the 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year and is the teaching pro at Superstition Mountain in Arizona. When asked how one person is identified as the Teacher of the Year, he said that first you have to be nominated by your PGA of America section and then you are able to go into the group of people who are considered for this great honor. To receive this award is very humbling and he will receive the award at the PGA Merchandise Show this week. He will also be very involved with a number of PGA of America activities involving teaching and educating players.

When it comes to teaching students to use anchored putters, he said that he has been involved with them for the last 8 years. Once you anchor the putter, many people are able to become more confident from 10 feet and in and once someone is able to develop a routine, it is much easier to become a good putter with a long putter than a short putter.

The most common problem that amateurs have is that many of them swing too hard and use muscles that are not necessary for the golf swing. When a player does that, they create bad habits and they actually end up losing distance by swinging too hard.

For golfers who are snowed in for the winter, Malaska recommended that they practice making and maintaining a good grip on the golf club as the grip is the foundation of a good golf swing and it is a good way to keep from starting the new golf season with bad habits.