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Mike Stachura - January 3, 2012

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Stachura is the Equipment Editor for Golf Digest. He wrote the annual Hot List for 2012 for Golf Digest Magazine and said that everyone has been looking at Callaway Golf to see how they do with their debut in adjustable drivers. The question that many ask is why has Callaway waited so long to get into this market and now that they have, how will they do?

Anchored putters are continuing to grow in popularity as 2011 transitions into 2012. Last year, companies would have gotten some requests and even fewer companies would have submitted them for the Hot List but this year, every single major company is allowing for anchored putter designs. As a result, instead of shortages of them in stores there will be an abundance of them in 2012.

His biggest surprise in compiling the Hot List is the fact that custom fitting has become so important in the production of golf clubs for pros and amateurs. The improved technology has resulted in the desire from amateurs as well as professionals to use custom fitting to help improve their games.