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Notah Begay III - July 3, 2012

Notah Begay III
Getty Images

When asked about the putting tip that he gave Tiger Woods last week, Notah said that the tip involved reminding him of certain patterns and rhythms that he has seen Tiger use in his putting for the last 18 years. He reminded him of a few times in his career of when he putted very well and Notah feels that those memories helped him get into a good rhythm at Congressional last week.

We have seen dramatic improvement with Tiger Woods in the last couple of years and if you compare the Tiger of today against the Tiger of maybe 12 years ago, some may say the Tiger of today is not as good. But when you compare the Tiger of 2012 to other players, there is little question that Tiger has shown some of the most impressive improvement of any player in the world.

A lot of people in the golf world as well as the general sports world have questioned whether or not Tiger Woods would ever win again and they would present their various theories as to why he would not. It was certainly tiring to hear those speculations but Tiger is very good at tuning out negative comments and focusing on the situation at hand as well as remembering negative comments and using them as motivation.

He wants to get back to playing golf but right now he depends on sponsor’s exemptions so when he is not playing, he is spending a great deal of time on course design as well as working with Golf Channel as an Analyst.

When it comes to inviting players to participate in the NB3 Challenge for his foundation, he talks to players about his foundation’s efforts to reach out to a community that he and many others feel has been underserved. The health of Native American children as well as the fight against childhood obesity and diabetes is very important and he is very proud to have some great players and great people join him in this effort.