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Pete DeTemple - July 12, 2012

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Pete DeTemple won the 2009 Golf Channel AM Tour National Championship and he went through qualifying to earn a place in the field for the 2012 U.S. Senior Open. DeTemple appeared on Morning Drive from Indianwood Golf & Country Club. He said that it is an amazing feeling to be at the U.S. Senior Open and that he has never been so nervous in his life. It feels like being a 3-year-old kid on Christmas.

After winning the 2009 Golf Channel AM Tour National Championship, he has continued to play on the AM Tour and he has played well. Playing on that tour has given him a lot of experience playing golf under pressure and it has helped him get through qualifying and should help him during the actual tournament.

During his first practice round, he felt so nervous playing with Larry Mize and Tom Lehman that he hooked his tee shot into the woods. Mize and Lehman let him tee up another ball just like at home and then continued playing. He will try to relax in preparation of his afternoon tee time in the clubhouse lounge although he doubts that he will be able to relax very much. As long as he hits his opening tee shot forward, he thinks that he will be just fine.