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Peter King - October 7, 2011

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Peter King is a Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated and a reporter for Football Night in America on NBC Sports. On Sunday night on NBC, the Green Bay Packers will play the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta and this year, Green Bay is much stronger with their tight end position than they were in their Super Bowl-winning year of 2010. It is very crucial that a successful team like Green Bay be able to control and limit the number of injuries on their team. He feels that Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers were never that close when both were on the Packers and although Favre probably does not blame Rodgers for his being cut from Green Bay, he still may feel resentment about it and the competitive juices that exist in athletes may have driven the comments that Favre made about being surprised it took so long for Rodgers to win a Super Bowl. Over Rodgers’ first 3 ¼ seasons, although he does not blow Favre’s first 3 ¼ seasons away, he is right there with Favre and barring injury, he has the chance to be every bit as good as Favre was. The New York Jets are playing the New England Patriots on Sunday and since the Jets do not have a good ground game, they will have to focus on defense and they will likely go after Brady’s favorite receiver Wes Welker. In week 5, King feels that the Philadelphia Eagles are in a must-win position because if they fall to 1-4, it is unlikely that they will make the playoffs. In terms of individuals, Donovan McNabb must play well this week in order to keep his job as quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. The Detroit Lions have been revitalized over the past couple of years and the team was desperate for changes to be made. Although they have gotten off to a 4-0 start, it is still a tenuous situation as two of those wins came as a result of amazing comebacks and the health of their starters is crucial to whether or not the Lions will continue to be successful in the regular season and possibly the playoffs.